PI.FR.I s.r.l

PI.FR.I. s.r.l operates in the wholesale of fruit and vegetables, maintaining particular economic supply relationships and sale with national and EU operators. The sale covers the whole wide range of fruit, vegetables, dry fruit and much more. The PI.FR.I. srl is still a young company, has been established in 2015, however the company is the result of a long family experience in the fruit and vegetable sector and inherits the know-how and skills of over fifty years of the Grasso family. During the first year of its life, the company immediately invested in functional equipment, to achieve the most productive capacity Suitable.

The warehouse has refrigerated areas and a logistics platform dedicated to storage and conservation of the goods purchased and waiting to be distributed to its Customers. The entire structure responds to the most modern measures of safety for employees and goods, thanks to the fence and closure of the entire area with walls, railings and automatic driveway doors. In addition to the presence of a video surveillance system.

Naturally favoring Italian productions, and in particular local, PI.FR.I s.r.l can guarantee you the maximum freshness and genuineness of the products. It is no coincidence that PI.FR. I s.r.l collaborates directly with producers from different Italian regions such as Calabria, Puglia, Trentino, etc.